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Britain, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Holland, if
they survive at all, must become like the
mediatised sovereigns of the component states of
the former German Empire, mere ceremonial
vestiges. Perhaps he thinks that, but he does not
say it outright. I do not know if he has pondered
the New York World Fair of 1939 nor the signi-
ficance of the Royal Visit to America in that
year, and thought how much there is in the
Brit^h system that would have to be abandoned
if his Federation is to become a reality. In most
of the implications of the word, it must cease to
be " British**. His Illustrative Constitution is
achieved with an altogether forensic disregard
of the fundamental changes in human conditions
to which we have to adapt ourselves or perish.
He thinks of war by itself and not as an eruption
due to deeper maladaptations. But if we push
his earlier stipulations to their necessary comple-
tion, we need not trouble very much about that
sample constitution of his, which is to adjust the
balance so fairly among the constituent states. The
abdlition of distance must inevitably substitute
functional associations and loyalties for local
attributions, if human society does not break up
altogether- The local divisions will melt into a
world collectivity and the main conflicts in a
progressively unifying Federation are much more